The workhouse offers a one-year, work-connected rehabilitation service for people with addiction problems

Rehabilitation through work means that most of personal development takes place in two directions – firstly, practical work that develops skills and, secondly, work of its own nature. Working habits help buildself-confidence,feel like ausefulmember ofthe communityandconstantlyexperiencea senseof achievement. What is unique about the workshop is that there is an opportunity to stay in work for us after a year of rehabilitation and be part of the development of social enterprise.


* Do you want to overcome your addiction disease?
* Do you want to live and work where we are all equal?
* Do you want to live in a scenic and pharmaceutical environment?
* Do you want to get new work experience during your rehabilitation?
* Do you want to be part of the development of our social enterprise?


In order to receive the service, you must contact the CEO of The Working House Villy by calling the 55661624 and the social department of your municipality to agree on the possibilities for paying for the service.

Service description

People who recognise their alcohol and/or drug dependence and want to get rid of it are welcome to the work house service. People with addiction problems who are released from prison who want to practice their sober lifestyle and start a new page are also welcome. 

In order to achieve results, it is first necessary to last at least 1 month. Experience has shown that those who go through this period are better able to assess their situation and set longer-term goals.

Stage 1 lasts 6 months. During this period, counselling, a work activity takes place in a supported environment or with a supervisor outside the workhouse territory. Work discipline is restored, that is, in the morning they go to work, and in the evening they finish. Although there is no reward for the work, it is not free work, but a personal contribution to improve your skills, restore or create a working habit, practice communication and a new attitude. The skills that are learned in the Workshop are later invaluable in the labour market.

For the first four months, you don't have a phone to untie yourself from old friends and focus on getting rid of your addiction. Family members can be reached by phone from the Workhouse. After two months at the Workhouse, family members or other supporters can come and visit on weekends. As usual, weekends and evenings are off-duty, with addiction-free leisure activities such as sauna, sports, TV, reading, cinema, swimming pool, etc.

Step 2 7-12 months. The activities of the first stage will continue, but from the 10th month, trainings will be added if necessary/possible in cooperation with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Those who have shown full commitment and have invested 12 months in their change will receive a Workshop scholarship of 600 euros to start their new sober life!

During the service, each person draws up a plan to restore their personal well-being, which will help to maintain what has been achieved in the future. 

Terms of Service

  • duration per participant for up to 12 months;

  • people live in a work house at the time of the service and do not walk independently outside the territory (except

    by agreement, stay in the wild or play sports on the village road);

  • to pay for accommodation and service, please contact your local government social department;

  • be registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund;

  • When coming to the workhouse service, bring a digital signature ID card and make a tuberculosis test in advance. A Covid vaccination certificate or negative test response must be provided upon arrival.


if the person has completed 12 months in the workshop:

  • sober 12 months

  • skills, discipline and discipline have improved.

  • social skills, relationships have improved

  • self-esteem has increased to enter the labour market

  • crime has been prevented

  • community integration has begun

  • achievement of the stated goal, rewards with a scholarship and creates an opportunity to continue an independent sober life.



Villy Võrk

Tel. + 372 5566 1624


  • Belonging to the community
  • Training communication skills 
  • A sense of cohesion
  • New identity
  • Self-belief
  • Personal development
  • Improved self-esteem

Social enterprise

The form of a social enterprise is a not-for-profit

100% of revenues are reinvested in the enterprise.

What's our mission?

We create a living and working environment for people with addiction problems so that they can find the strength to return to a sober normal life.