The renovation stems from the Latin word renovo: set order, re-renew, renew, restore; or renovatio: restoration, renewal, return.

Just as life's between the cogs gets a thing at The Work House, we give you another chance at furniture. What some people seem old, broken or worthless is just a challenge for us!

We love recycling and make solid wood furniture necessary, cute and unique again.

If you have any furniture in the household (except for soft furniture), please contact us- We'll find the right solution.

Products on sale can be seen on the FB page of the House furniture.


Chalk paint has the advantage of good adhesion to all kinds of surfaces and a nice silky matte look. We finish with wax to make the item clean and usable.
To obtain a wear-resistant surface, we use the furniture color of the Vivacolor water-based colour Green Line series, which has been given both the estonian Allergy Association's recognition and the Nordic Eco-label, and the products are also safe for allergy sufferers.