Supported living and working environment for those struggling with alcohol and/or drugs

The work house offers one year of job-centred rehabilitation to get rid of addiction. The habit of work, self-esteem and the feeling that someone is needed will be restored. Job-oriented means that much of the rehabilitation takes place in the jobs of The House, through social entrepreneurship. In the course of the work, self-esteem is ding, training in communication skills and creating a new identity and community.

The workhouse is only for those who have a knack for addiction and want to change their lives and are willing to make an effort to do so. In order to receive the service, you can contact the social department of each rural municipality in Rapla County or the Rapla County department of the Unemployment Insurance Fund. If you are from another region of Estonia, please contact the CEO of the Workhouse directly. People from all over Estonia are welcome!

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Ahekõnnu is located 89 km from Tallinn, 60km from Pärnu and 50 km from Pais in Rapla County, on the side of Järvakandi. We have a thick forest between 4.5 km from the big Road, and the first neighbour is 2 km. IDEAL environment for foreign addiction.

The fireplace room in the main house overlooks the idyllic pond and enjoys beautiful nature. A residential house that accommodates 10 people living in 1-2 person rooms, the house has a spacious kitchen, a sauna and many other amenities. The farm here is not a classic farm, but we have 5 hectares of farmland, a little forest, and a complex of buildings consisting of 4 houses and an auxiliary building. External volleyball and football pitches, campfires and more. In his spare time, we make a sauna, watch movies on the big screen, get a chance to engage in amateur sports, gym, table tennis, running, quangcycling, summer-time volleyball, foot and badmining. There are also hiking trails where you can make a relaxing hike, and enjoy a bath in the bog, in addition to your pond. A work house is a nice community where everyone is equal and feel valuable. We have good food here 3 times a day, prepared by those with the best gastronomy skills.


Real Estate Maintenance Service

General construction, administration and maintenance


Lawn mowing, butchery, planting of trees and hedges, earthworks

Furniture Renovation

In the workshop we renovate various furniture items. Let's give the old artefacts a new life. 

Organic farming

Organic farming, or ecological agriculture, is a type of agricultural production with a strong focus on environmental and ecological balance.


Forestry work – Downfall and runoff and firewood making with JAPA-machine.


Here, people in the Workhouse who have worked or  still working telling their backgrounds and what the Workhouse means to them.

Villy Story

I am a happy husband, father of five children, and CEO of a work house. I am very motivated by my own liberation from the addiction of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, criminal activity and the porpoises.

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Aini Story

I am 35 years old, my life I have had to spend 4 years between prison meals. I have not had a normal childhood, at the age of 5 I did the first smoke and tried alcohol, I was 6 a when I ran away from home,

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Jaanus Story

My name is Jaanus and I am a 50-year-old alcoholic. My first bottle of old Tallinni Drat at the age of 14 at the school excursion. I started smoking at the Russian army at the age of 18.

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Raimond Story

I've fought my whole life with the problems of alcohol abuse. We have tried different ways and have been sober for years, but over and over again I have come back to overconsumption.